Education curricula.. its foundations and applications

يونيو 6, 2023

This book shows the method of designing the educational curriculum, starting from its cognitive, psychological and social foundations, through its components represented in the objectives, content, teaching methods and methods, and up to the means and methods of evaluation and development.

It is not possible to define “educational philosophy” without defining “social philosophy” or “social identity”. The educational philosophy emerges from the comprehensive social philosophy, affirms it and brings it back to the right path if it deviates or some of its elements deviate from the line drawn for it. Educational philosophy is a determination of the ideological foundations, social foundations, and psychological foundations on which educational curricula are designed, teachers are prepared, education is financed, and appropriate school buildings are built, school management is organized, and various educational activities are planned..etc. The educational philosophy is the unifying base of starting, which defines the educational system and its desired goals, which different and various means work to achieve. It is a clear definition of the nature of the society that we want to build, and the nature of the human being that we must nurture.. the human being who is able to contribute positively and effectively to building this society. The clear educational philosophy emanating from a comprehensive social philosophy or an integrated conception of the realities of divinity, the universe, man, and life is the beginning of any social reform. The first chapter: basic concepts of educational curricula This chapter deals with: MPH

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